Referral Partners Network is an independent referral centered network of business professionals. Referrals are the reason we exist. Our purpose is to help each other grow our businesses by passed qualified, confirmed referrals.
We ask four things of our members:

Attend our weekly meetings

Participate during the meeting

Provide qualified, confirmed referrals to other members of the group

ACT - When you receive a referral, do what you say you’re a re going to do. If you make a mistake when providing a service or product – FIX IT! The reputation of the person who gave you the referral and your reputation are on the line.

Meeting Time & Place

Referral Partners Network
meets every Tuesday morning.

Open networking starts at 7:15am and continues until the meeting starts at 7:45am.

The meeting usually ends around 9:00am.

We meet at:

Mimi’s Restaurant
4151 N I H 35 Round Rock, TX 78664
(512) 869-3029
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Frequently Asked Questions

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